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Fairly priced, super responsive, highly accurate, great staff, and I especially love the countCAMs!   Belinda Connor, CSS

Let’s look past the excellent price point for both products and services and look at their customer service. Spack Solutions is extremely fast to respond to our questions and issues. Their work is also extremely accurate, and if it isn’t, they make it right. Simply put, they do a good job.  Josh Rocks, Delaware Valley RPC

Not only is the equipment easier and safer to use in the field, but the staff at Spack Solutions has always answered any question I had in a timely manner.  Christopher Yaney, Cheyenne MPO

Spack Solutions’ traffic counting solutions are useful to any company that does any sort of traffic engineering.  Andrew Ko, ISL Engineering

The Spack Traffic Counting System

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Why is our industry wasting time and money using old traffic counting technologies?

As computing power advances, technology is supposed to get smaller, cheaper, and easier to use.  The countCAM3+ dual-purpose traffic counter/video recorder and countCLOUD processing system harnesses the power of technological advances to save you time and money while keeping you and your team safely off the road.



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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If the countCAMs don't perform as specified, return them within 100 days of purchase, and we’ll provide a prompt and courteous refund. If our countCLOUD video processing is not +95% accurate, let us know, and we’ll promptly redo the count for you. Terms and conditions apply. 

Free Traffic Counting Manual!

Discover the best practices you need to ensure you safely collect accurate traffic data for all of your projects.

Spack Solutions has helped more than 3,200 customers in 75 countries and 50 states.

Customers use the countCAM system when they want to (i) dramatically reduce the cost of data collection while (ii) protecting their most important resource - their people.

Our customers tell us our technologies are unique because they allow them to deploy 3x faster than competing hardware without entering the roadway (non-intrusive), and countCLOUD is the established price leader in the market at half the cost.

If you do more than a hundred counts per year and are interested to learn how we help folks like you, please schedule an online meeting between our two teams.