countCLOUD Video to Vehicle Traffic Data Transcription Service

We have had great service and get turning movement counts processed in a timely manner that helps us keep our schedule. I have referred Spack Solutions to others because of how timely the data has been returned.    Rob Haaland, Bolton & Menk

The countCLOUD video processing service is extremely affordable, accurate, and with quick turnaround times.  The customer service is top-notch.  Basically, I need to get work done, and Spack helps me accomplish this within my budget and time frame.    Jonathan Ferullo, DVRPC

Outsourcing your counting to Spack Solutions saves you valuable time at half the cost of the competition. Send us your videos, and we’ll do the counting.  Here's a Sample of the countCLOUD Data Report.

The 13 Hour, 2 Class Turning Movement Count is our most popular count.

countCLOUD Traffic Data Transcription Instruction Video

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Price Break Down:
  • 1-25 Hours - $22/hr
  • 26 – 100 Hours - $17/hr
  • 101-250 Hours - $13/hr
  • 251-500 Hours - $10/hr
  • 501-1000 Hours - $8/hr
  • 1001+ - $7/hr


Learn how countCLOUD works in the Help Center.


Turning Movement Counts include U-turn/left/through/right vehicle movement tabulations per 15-minute increments at 3 or 4 approach intersections. Datasets include non-directional pedestrians and bicycle crossings per approach and bicycle turning movements for bicycles in the roadway.
2 Class Counts include Light (FHWA Classes 1, 2, 3, and 5 that are smaller than an ambulance) and Heavy (all other vehicles) classifications.
3 Class Counts include Class 1 (FHWA Classes 1, 2, 3, and 5 that are smaller than an ambulance), Class 2 (User defined from Single Unit Trucks, Articulating Trucks, or Buses), and Class 3 (all other vehicles not included in Class 1 or Class 2) classifications.
13 Class Counts include all 13 FHWA classifications.

countCLOUD utilizes Traffic Count Hours as the cost basis for processing. As the system offers 2-, 3-, and 13-classification breakdowns, and 3- and 13-classification counts require more resources to complete than 2-classificaiton counts, a conversion ratio is used to account for this.

  • 2-Class counts utilize 1 Count Hour for every video hour submitted
    • One 2-hour 2-Class count will use 2 Count Hours
  • 3-Class counts use 1.5 Count Hours, rounded up, for every video hour submitted
    • One 2-hour 3-Class count will use 3 Count Hours
    • One 13-hour 3-Class count will use 20 Count Hours
  • 13-Class counts use 3 Count Hours, rounded up, for every video hour submitted
    • One 2-hour 13-Class count will use 8 Count Hours

Traffic Count Hour Expiration: Up to 501 purchased countCLOUD hours can be rolled over from one year to the next, starting December 31, 2023.