countCLOUD Video Processing

We have had great service and get turning movement counts processed in a timely manner that helps us keep our schedule. I have referred Spack Solutions to others because of how timely the data has been returned.    Rob Haaland, Bolton & Menk

Outsourcing your counting to Spack Solutions saves you valuable time at half the cost of the competition. Send us your videos, and we’ll do the counting.  Here's a Sample of the countCLOUD Data Report.

The 13 Hour, 2 Class Turning Movement Count is our most popular count.




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Turning Movement Counts include U-turn/left/through/right vehicle movement tabulations per 15-minute increments at 3 or 4 approach intersections. Datasets include non-directional pedestrians and bicycle crossings per approach and bicycle turning movements for bicycles in the roadway.
Point Counts include bi-directional vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle movement tabulations per 15-minute increments at midblock road or trail locations.
2 Class Counts include Light (FHWA Classes 1, 2, 3, and 5 that are smaller than an ambulance) and Heavy (all other vehicles) classifications.
3 Class Counts include Class 1 (FHWA Classes 1, 2, 3, and 5 that are smaller than an ambulance), Class 2 (User defined from Single Unit Trucks, Articulating Trucks, or Buses), and Class 3 (all other vehicles not included in Class 1 or Class 2) classifications.
13 Class Counts include all 13 FHWA classifications.