Traffic Counting Camera to a “Tubeless Tube Counter”

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The countCAM4 Traffic Counting Camera
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Improvements made to the countCAM4
CC4 - CC3+ Low Light Comparison
Comparing the low light quality. countCAM3+ view on top, countCAM4 view on the bottom.


        CC4 Improvements Include:
  • Up to 100 hours of runtime in camera mode
  • Silicone boot and H2O seal for protection of the countCAM4
  • Wider lens and improved video quality
  • Improved low-light capability
  • Industrial-grade data ports
  • Rain guide to limit water caught on lens
  • Gore-Tex Valve to regulate moisture


countCAM4 Traffic Counting Camera

The countCAM4 traffic counting camera allows users to collect multiple days of video OR directional vehicular volume on a single device without ever needing to interact with traffic. This keeps you and your team safe while providing flexibility in your data collection capabilities. With the simple tap of a button, the countCAM4 switches from a traffic counting camera to a “Tubeless Tube Counter,” allowing you to collect the data you need without carrying different recording devices. And with setup taking less than 3 minutes, you will surely see efficiency gains.

In camera mode, this light-weight, portable device records up to 100 continuous hours of video on a single charge, has a scheduler, video quality selector, battery charge level indicator, and joins/compresses the files directly on the device for download. In the traffic counter mode, the countCA4+ accurately collects up to 75 hours of directional vehicle data, and speed summaries on bi-directional two-lane roads.

The countCAM4 traffic counting camera costs $1,699 and comes with a download cable, charging cable, mounting bracket, medium hose clamps, lock bracket, and padlock. 

You may also consider purchasing a powerBANK2 to extend your runtime by 80 hours or an extension pole for installation flexibility.  The powerBANK2 comes with a charging cable, connection cable, and small hose clamp.

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countCAM4 Traffic Counting Camera Mode Setup Video

HubSpot Video

countCAM4 Traffic Counter Mode Setup

HubSpot Video

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