"I am very pleased with the countCAM3.   The countCAM3 is an improvement over the countCAM2 in terms of storage and battery life, but it is the user interface that really makes it shine.  I like the ability to set it for peak hours only, or a 13-hour count if needed.  This saves both battery life and storage.  Being able to select the video quality can also be useful, depending on the purpose of the count.  Finally, I am very pleased with the Customer Service!"   Jeffrey Moore, P.E., Traffic Engineering Manager, Gannett Fleming

"The countCAM3 performed flawlessly. Your product is perfect and the price is outstanding. Thank you for making this happen for your fellow Traffic Engineers at a price we can afford."   Nick Rebovich, PE, SCDOT District Two Traffic Engineer

closeup up cc3


countCAM3 is a rugged, easy-to-use traffic video recorder.  This light-weight, portable device records up to 84 continuous hours of video on a single charge, has a scheduler, video quality selector, battery charge level indicator, and joins/compresses the files directly on the device for download.


The countCAM3 costs $1,299 and comes with a download cable, charging cable, mounting bracket, extension pole mount, medium hose clamps, lock bracket, and padlock. 


You may want to consider also purchasing a powerBANK to extend your runtime and an extension pole for installation flexibility.  The powerBANK comes with a charging cable, connection cable, and small hose clamp.

Bring your data collection into the 21st century with counting tools that give you the most efficient transportation data around.

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