countCAM2 is a rugged, easy-to-use traffic video recorder.  This light-weight, portable device records up to 50 continuous hours of video on a single charge.  Extend your record time with the addition of the 50 Hour Booster Pack (sold separately).  The countCAM2 costs $999 and Booster Packs cost $199.

Production countSTICK_Cropped-1


countSTICK is a non-intrusive Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) that records directional volume and speed vehicle data on two-lane roads.  Discretely install the countSTICK with a hose clamp or zip tie on a signpost or streetlight in less than five minutes without needing to step on the road.  Based on video and artificial intelligence technology, the GPS enabled countSTICK is the safest and most accurate portable traffic counting device available.  The countSTICK costs $499, Minimum Order Quantity of 5. 

count pulse


countPULSE is a modern cloud-based pneumatic tube counter.  Install the tubes like a standard tube counter, program it with the iOS or Android phone app, and then send the time-stamped vehicle data to while you remove the tubes. Download directional volume, speed, and FHWA 13 classification vehicle reports from anywhere.  No download cables and no software fees.  The countPULSE costs $299, Minimum Order Quantity of 5. Tubes, nails, and other accessories sold separately. The countPULSE is the most streamlined tube counter system available.

count pro and pad2

countPRO + countPAD2

countPAD2 with countPRO software gives you complete control to efficiently tabulate traffic data from videos.  The system allows you to count video from any recording device at up to 20x speeds.  The user-friendly software enables users to speed up and slow down videos while counting.  The pause button allows you to complete the count while taking breaks or even heading home for the evening and resuming the next morning.  The countPRO software is free and countPAD2s cost $1,499.

Bring your data collection into the 21st century with counting tools that give you the most efficient transportation data around.

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