"I like the ability to align the countPAD2 to the orientation of the intersection and the countPRO software gives the ability to speed up the playback for intersections or time periods that aren’t quite as busy as others.  I like the save function, and make good use of it.  If I miss a few vehicles, I just reload the last saved count and have only lost a few minutes.  Having the ability to perform traffic counts in-house gives us the flexibility to meet our clients’ needs in a way that we couldn’t do without countCAMs and the countPAD2."  Jeffrey Moore, P.E., Traffic Engineering Manager, Gannett Fleming

Count Pro and Pad2

countPRO + countPAD2

countPAD2 with countPRO software gives you complete control to efficiently tabulate traffic data from videos.  The system allows you to count video from any recording device at up to 20x speeds.  The user-friendly software enables users to speed up and slow down videos while counting.  The pause button allows you to complete the count while taking breaks or even heading home for the evening and resuming the next morning.  The countPRO software is free and countPAD2s cost $1,499.

Bring your data collection into the 21st century with counting tools that give you the most efficient transportation data around.

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