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countSTICK "tubeless tube counter"

countSTICK is a non-intrusive Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) that records directional volume vehicle data on two-lane roads (no speed or classification).  Discretely install the countSTICK with a hose clamp or zip tie on a signpost or streetlight in less than five minutes without needing to step on the road.  Based on video and artificial intelligence technology, the GPS enabled countSTICK is the safest and most accurate portable traffic counting device available.  The data is exported to the common CSV file format as well as the MS2 file format.  The countSTICK costs $699 and comes with a download cable, charging cable, medium hose clamp, lock bracket and padlock.  You may want to consider also purchasing a powerBANK to extend your runtime.  The powerBANK comes with a charging cable, connection cable, and small hose clamp.

Bring your data collection into the 21st century with counting tools that give you the most efficient transportation data around.

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